Business Management, Organizational Culture and the Christian Church Connection

Allow me to back up a few steps before launching the next series of articles and reinforce the foundation for this blog.  Paul said “Let no man lay another foundation other than that which has been laid, which is Christ.” (1 Cor 3.11)  So I want to ensure readers that as I venture into discussions of organizational culture and business management theory, I haven’t departed from the foundation, which is Christ in you, and our responsibility to bring and live Christ to the world.

Our only foundation is Christ. He is the Word of God and the Truth, attributes which never change.  I believe that as we apply God’s word to life, we not only find the truth in spiritual reality, but also in cultural reality, relational reality, personality reality.  I believe that God wrote the instruction manual on how to get to heaven and also how to live an abundant, fulfilling life in every arena.

So, when I read Tom Peters discussion about thinking outside the box, I relate recall Jesus use of parables (approaching spiritual issues from a different point of view) in order to make an impact on his listeners.  When I listen to Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale and my favorite motivational speaker Brian Tracy, discuss changing your life by changing your thoughts, I remember Paul’s principle from scripture. In 1 Thessalonians the church is encouraged to “think on these things, whatsoever is lovely, praiseworthy, of good report” and the peace of God will keep your hearts and mind in Christ.

I could continue, and quote Covey, Canfield, Dyer, and more.  Instead I will get to the point.  Principles that have transforming power, and positively affect individuals and organizations in the world often (most often) have roots in the Truth of God’s Word.  Truth that affects individuals in the work place through positive relationships is often truth proceeds from God’s Word.  Inversely, when we find principles that are genuinely transforming businesses, relationships and organizations in the marketplace, they are often based on God’s word and can successfully be applied to the community which is the Church, and the organization which is the local church in order to bring positive Christ-centered transformation.

I realize that what I just wrote may be considered as heresy by some Christian purists.  Let me assure you, I am a fundamentalist as I read God’s word.  I believe all of God’s Word applies to us. As believers we must accept the authority of scripture in personal application if we are to live up to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.  At the same time, I have learned to find God’s Truth, living examples of the truth of his Word, in the world around us, and sometimes unknowingly taught in the odd places.

In conclusion, as you read the next weeks’ posts, the focus is Christ.  When I highlight a church, and what they are doing to become a prevailing, transformational presence in their community, the purpose of the article is not to duplicate that church. Rather, the focus is how this church applies God’s Truth, and what of their living example of God’s word can apply to your church, ministry, or organization.

Paul chided the Corinthian’s regarding their desire to affiliate themselves with a local pastor, or apostle.  “I follow Paul, I follow Apollos.” (1 Cor 3.1-16) So as I highlight the Reveal study from Willow Resources or any of 4 churches over the next month, the purpose is Christ.  The Focus is Christ.

The thesis question is “How can you and I be more like Christ, and create the Church for which He calls us?  Others are doing ‘XYZ’ and seeing God move in their midst. What can I learn from God and from those who are succeeding at that which I seek to accomplish?”


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