Forged in the Fire – Shaped by the Master book review

forged031Often people do things haphazardly then justify their actions with these words – God knows my heart. The truth of the matter is – He really does.

“Forged In The Fire – Shaped By The Master” speaks to the issue of heart matters by bringing readers face to face with reality – we are ordinary people who can be used by God. How and to what degree depends upon the condition of the heart.

Author, Tim Burns has presented a study that invites its participants to the table of choice and self examination. Throughout this twelve week course the lives of four men chosen by God to lead Israel are examined. It is the presentation of the lives of King David, Joseph, King Saul and King Hezekiah that we come to see a little, (if not a lot) of ourselves.

Many today are hard pressed to see how biblical circumstances can be applied to their stressful conditions. “Forged In The Fire – Shaped By The Master”, through practical application, skillfully speaks to those concerns.

As with the aforementioned rulers, we too have choices. Examining circumstances and choices made by the biblical leaders shows the consistency of human nature and the faithfulness of God. David and Joseph sought to serve God with pure hearts. Saul and Hezekiah deviated from righteousness causing other to suffer the consequence of their choices. God’s response to each upheld the righteousness of His eternal word. As it was then, it is now.

Regardless of your station in life and level in your spiritual walk, “Forged In The Fire – Shaped By The Master” clearly shows that God has chosen you and wants you to chose a right relationship with Him.

-Dr. Linda F. Beed, D.R.E., author of “Business Unusual”
Flavah Reviewer