Building Racial Harmony – Who Starts??

Racial harmony isn’t the result of the EEOC, NAACP, diversity policies in hiring practices or affirmative action quotas. Racial harmony is birthed when people of different backgrounds, racial, religious, ethnic, or social learn to respect one another and the differences inherent in those who are raised in significantly different social settings. It can’t be legislated, and won’t grow from seeds of anti-discrimination laws. Racial harmony comes when we choose to make friends across racial / social / economic lines, and walk with each other, in the others shoes as it may be. For this reason, the responsibility and opportunity to build racial harmony belongs to the Church, to followers of Jesus Christ.

Linda Leigh Hargroves has a number of step by step approaches for Christ followers to engage the process of building racial harmony. As a woman of color, her advice is genuine, and comes with the realization that when diverse individuals or groups meet, there are suspicious, assumptions and prejudices on both side of the conversation. As a result, predictable pitfalls lie in the path of both parties.

I recommend you visit Linda’s blog (, especially if you are a Christ follower. I believe heaven won’t be a segregated place, but will be a wonderful melting pot of cultures, peoples and faith. Our Christian faith isn’t just about what happens after a person dies. We have the opportunity to live a transformed life here, now. Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven is among you. Shouldn’t we be about the business of building a community which will reflect what we will find in heaven. Linda’s advice will help you pursue a colorblind Kingdom.