Blog Editors

Teena Stewart
Teena Stewart is married to an ordained minister and is a published author, ministry consultant and coach. Her book, Successful Small Groups from Concept to Practice is available through
Beacon Hill, November 2007 or on her small groups page ( The Stewarts are in the process of starting a coffee shop ministry in North Carolina ( For more info on Teena see Email comments and questions to Teena at

Timothy Burns

Associate editor, and contributor to the Ministry in Motion blog, Timothy Burns lives in
West Michigan, and has written professionally for 6 years.  Timothy writes with a deep connection to cultural influences, Christ centered living, and how often unwritten personal patterns can influence our behaviors and beliefs. While people differ by continent and decade, human nature does not, and often Timothy’s ability to identify the human element or organizational culture sets Timothy’s work apart from what can be otherwise commonplace copy. His writing spans topics of Christian living, apologetics, and the hidden benefits that often surface through personal trials. He has also contributed to technical writing, white papers on management, sociology and IT consulting to clients on 4 continents.

Feel free to connect with Mr. Burns via email, his blogs or web site.;


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